What Makes Otonom Teknoloji Different
Full command of critical technologies, competencies and components.

Otonom Teknoloji designs all of the critical components used in its products, in line with its core competencies. We manufacture the fuselages of aerial vehicles ourselves, but work with business partners for other components. Materials and components are procured from both local and foreign suppliers, and we proceed with at least two alternatives for each. None of the materials, components or systems in our products are subject to ITAR, and many of the critical subsystems used in our products are indigenous designs of Otonom Teknoloji. To give an example, the cable winch used for the control of aerostats has been specially designed and manufactured, and boasts superior features and performance to similar products on the market, keeping DORUK and DOLUNAY one step ahead of their competitors. Likewise, many critical subsystems, such as the pressure balancing system, modular gondola and the OTONOM Ground Control Station (GCS) are also designed by Otonom Teknoloji.

Software, another critical component of the system, is also developed by Otonom Teknoloji.

Bringing together the expertise of design, materials, components and software under a single umbrella, Otonom Teknoloji offers its customers effective and tailor-made solutions. This helps us to modify our products in line with customer requirements in a very fast, flexible and cost-effective manner. Otonom Teknoloji is also ready for the future, and is keeping a close eye on the regulation drafting processes related to unmanned systems, and developing our systems in accordance with the draft regulation documents. Accordingly, when these regulations enter into force, both Otonom Teknoloji’s solutions and the systems in the inventories of our customers will be ready for the new period.