How We Work
We offer optimum and cost-effective tailor-made solutions to fully meet your needs.

When it comes to airships or aerostats, it is not possible to generalise needs. The main parameters affecting the design of such aerial vehicles include endurance and the necessary payloads. Modifications made in these parameters in accordance with customer requirements can change a series of design features, including, most importantly, the size and power requirement of the aerial vehicle. Meticulously analysing each parameter, Otonom Teknoloji offers specialised solutions that fully meet the needs of the customer.

Otonom Teknoloji provides tailor-made solutions, paying attention to our customers’ needs and analysing them making use of the resources available in its own software library.

Otonom Teknoloji boasts a vast library, a lot of testing and trial data, as well as analysis tools that make use of complicated formulas to ensure optimal design parameters for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). It is at this point that Otonom Teknoloji’s indigenously developed technologies and reusable software and hardware components and subsystems come into play. While Otonom Teknoloji uses many common components in its aerial vehicles, such as the Modular Gondola, MINISTEER and OTONOM GCS, subsystems such as anchoring stations, winches and pressure balancing systems are adapted to the customers’ needs through ready and proven designs. This utilisation of existing components and competencies ensures the cost-effectivity of newly developed aerial vehicles, and being based on field-proven solutions, no compromise is made either in quality or reliability.

Depending on the size of air platform, a duration of six to twelve months is required between the identification of needs and the finalisation of the air platform.

Otonom Teknoloji’s responsibility is not limited to the development of the air platform and ground units, as we also carry out the integration of payloads, making use of the provided infrastructure, onto the air platform and ground station. This enables Otonom Teknoloji to serve its customers as a single point of contact, and we also offer turn-key solutions to our customers, should they have any specific requests. Customers who do not want to deal with such details as aerial vehicles and payloads are offered Otonom Teknoloji’s tailor-made integrated solutions, based on our company’s proven solutions and system integration experience, to meet their specified needs. Otonom Teknoloji is always ready to meet any kind of customer demands, ranging from the provision of air platforms to the offering of integrated solutions.