The DORUK aerostat product family consists of balloons of different sizes, ranging from 10 m to 40 m.

Offering solutions in three different categories, namely Tactical, Operational and Strategic, the DORUK product family comes in various models that can be adapted to suit the user’s payload and altitude requirements.

The water-drop shape of DORUK, which can ascend to altitudes of over 1,500 meters, can carry payloads of over 300 kg, and can carry out its mission unremittingly for durations of over one week, allows the aerial vehicle to conduct its mission even under the most challenging of weather conditions, such as winds up to speeds of 80 km per hour. Based on our ability to design tailor-made gondolas to suit different payloads, DORUK can carry out a variety of missions. Furthermore, DORUK has a Mobile Anchoring Station that has been designed and produced specifically for the platform, and which allows vertical take-off and landing, as well as safe flight and parking.

DORUK is interoperable with our OTONOM GCS ground station. Compatible with the JAUS architecture, the OTONOM GCS offers many capabilities, allowing integrated platform control, the ability to control numerous platforms from a single unit, monitoring of platform status information, generation and display of operator warnings, integrated payload control, map support, recording, and a changeable user interface.


Kullanıcısına, hava koşullarından asgari seviyede etkilenen, yüksek irtifada uzun süre görev yapabilen, güvenilir, güvenli ve emniyetli bir platform sağlıyor.

Su damlası gövde formuna sahip bir aerostat olan DORUK, rüzgârın saatte 80 km hızla estiği hava koşullarında bile görev yapabilme imkânı sağlıyor. Aerostat sistemlerinde, özellikle kötü hava koşullarında balonun havada kalması ve faydalı yükü durağan bir şekilde tutabilmesi, görev başarımı için kritik öneme sahip. Bu kritik anlarda dahi görevin başarıyla icrası, rüzgâr dayanımı arttıran gövde şekli sayesinde oluyor. Sıcaklık farklılıkları gibi çevresel koşullar, aerostatların gövdelerinde bulunan gazın basıncında değişikliklere yol açıyor. Bu durum ise özellikle iç basınç düşük olursa gövde formunun bozulmasına neden oluyor.

Marine and Port Traffic

Tracks vessels cruising in the surrounding seas and those anchored in ports; carries out smuggling controls; and ensures constant port security, at day and night.

Environment Protection

Carries out continuous surveillance over a wide area; facilitates the detection of natural disasters such as forest fires, the identification of damage to the environment, and the monitoring of changes in natural resources.

Security of Critical Facilities

Carries out constant surveillance of critical facilities built on particularly large areas that require 24-hours uninterrupted and efficient surveillance, as well as the surrounding area.

Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Intelligence

Allows the collective and uninterrupted use of various payloads, such as electro-optic systems, radars, signal intelligence and acoustic sensors; and offers reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence capabilities in critical security zones, as well as land and maritime borders.


In cases where the coverage area or communication infrastructure is insufficient, extends the horizon line and expands the coverage area to a much wider region, allowing direct communication between assigned units over a broad area.

Payload Capacity <80kg 20kg-150kg 80kg-500kg
Operational Altitude 100 - 500 m (AGL) 300 - 1000 m (AGL) 500 - 1500 m (AGL)
Endurance 1 Week 1 - 2 Week 2 Week
Gondola Modular Gondola Design Modular Gondola Design Modular Gondola Design
Operating Temperature Range -20 ˚C/+55˚C -20 ˚C/+55˚C -20 ˚C/+55˚C
Maximum Wind Speed 40 Knot 40 Knot 50 Knot
Pressurizing System Automatic Automatic Automatic
Length 10-17,5 m 18-28 m 32-40 m
Max. Height (Parking Postion) 7,5-13 m 13-20,5 m 24-30 m
Max. Volume 100-460 m3 435-1700 m3 2450-4780 m3
Mooring Station Mobile Mobile Fixed
Power Transmission 0 - 1,5 kW 1 - 5 kW 3 kW
Hauling Speed (meter/minute) '12-25 '12-30 '15-30
Lifting Gas Helium Helium Helium

TACTICAL CLASS: An easy-to-use aerostat family, it is able to meet a broad range of tactical needs by being rapidly deployable in various fields of operation, and with a 24/7 mission capability.

OPERATIONAL CLASS: Is an aerostat system with 1,000 metre operational altitude, providing reconnaissance, surveillance and communication capabilities at long ranges. It is highly wind-resistant and stable.

STRATEGIC CLASS: Is the ideal solution for critical missions at long ranges and with long mission durations. This durable solution offers a high carrying capacity and operational altitude, allowing the use of different payloads simultaneously,and with a 24/7 mission capability

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