Otonom Teknoloji’s solutions, namely its airships, aerostats and tethered UAVs, are reliable and efficient platforms that can carry out missions for long durations. These platforms can be integrated with various payloads for use in different missions.

The integration of a payload onto a platform has three aspects: The electrical power requirement, the data interface and the mechanical interface. All requirements are assessed, and when required, the necessary alterations are made either to the platform or to the payload, by Otonom Teknoloji. To date, Otonom Teknoloji has integrated more than 10 payloads and has gained significant experience in this field. Among the installed payloads are communication relays, electro-optic cameras and acoustic sensors. With the experience gained both in integration and in the environmental conditions to be encountered by the payloads, Otonom Teknoloji is ready to integrate more payloads in the future.