Autonomous system technologies for a better world

Otonom Teknoloji is a tech company that develops innovative solutions in the field of unmanned systems. Having launched its operations in 2013, the company’s stated mission is to “Design and produce autonomous system technologies for a better world, and to gain vertical specialisation in this field,”

while its vision is to “Become a leading company that plays a guiding role in autonomous system technologies.”



Our vision is “To become the leading company that plays a guiding role in autonomous system Technologies.”


Our mission is "To design, develop and manufacture autonomous systems for a better world and to vertically specialize in this field"


Our assets are:

  • Innovation
  • Determination
  • Productivity


Our Quality Policy is: To provide products and services in compliance with customer requirements, continually improving Quality Management System and high employee satisfaction, as set out in our assets, vision and mission statements.

Otonom Teknoloji develops integrated solutions for a broad range of applications, including border security; intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance; communications; search and rescue; and agriculture. Foremost among these applications are aerostats, tethered unmanned aerial vehicles, and their associated electronic and software components. After the launch of its very first product, the DORUK, in 2014, Otonom Teknoloji has since developed further products such as the DOLUNAY, TEPEGÖZ, TETRON, MINISTEER and OTONOM GCS. Otonom Teknoloji’s products have seen active use in the field, and have proven themselves in different scenarios. In line with its target of ensuring vertical specialisation, Otonom Teknoloji designs and produces all of its products in-house, relying on its competent staff, and rolling out tailor-made solutions. The company pays attention to the needs of its customers, analysing them with the special software tools it retains in its own library. Otonom Teknoloji boasts a vast library, large amounts of testing and trial data, and advanced algorithms related to unmanned aerial vehicles, ensuring optimal design parameters for all of its aerial vehicles. Otonom Teknoloji’s solutions can be scaled according to customer requirements to include a broad range of services, from the supply of aerial vehicles to leasing services, and the provision of integrated solutions consisting of sensors and command-control systems. It offers turnkey solutions for border security applications to requesting users, while also meeting demands such as leasing services.


Otonom Technology's fields of activity are listed as follows:

  • Aerostat and airship system design, manufacturing and system integration
      • Special design according to the customer's requirements
      • Special care services available
      • Operator Service
      • User Training
  • Unmanned and autonomous system design, development and system integration
      • Unmanned ground-tethered balloon systems
      • Independently floating balloon systems above 3,000 meters
      • Ground-based rotary wing UAV systems
      • Robotic systems for precision agriculture applications
  • Embedded system and software design and development
      • Unmanned systems ground control software
      • DO178C compliant software development and verification
      • Mission critical software development and verification
  • Aviation product design and development
      • Hot air balloons subsystems
      • Inflatable aviation products
Otonom Technology, which has an experienced and multi-disciplinary engineering staff in the defense and aerospace industry, has a production facility designed for integrated system solutions as well as its center where it carries out design and management activities. Engineering, maintenance, and production services are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001 quality management standards.

Analysis Capabilities

Otonom Teknoloji can carry out the necessary engineering analyzes for its fields of activity.

  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis
  • Heat Analysis
  • Stress Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Atmosphere Model Analysis
    We started out with the aim of developing autonomous system technologies for a better world, and established our company from scratch.

    Since then, we have developed various new technologies, capabilities, systems and subsystems.

    Our journey continues with new developments, improving ourselves and becoming stronger with each passing day, and allowing us to take greater steps in line with our mission. In time, we will achieve even greater success that will allow us to come up with more comprehensive projects and advanced solutions. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank the following organisations for the support they have provided throughout our enthusiastic journey:

    • KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organisation of Turkey), for supporting our first project, namely TEPEGÖZ, and allocating us a working space for three years in our early years of operation;
    • TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), for supporting our projects since our establishment;
    • TTGV (Technology Development Foundation of Turkey), for appreciating the potential of our ideas to change the world and to put our ideas into practice, and for its support; and
    • The Turkish Armed Forces, for opening the doors of their facilities to us, and providing us with opportunities to test our platforms.

    Keep following us for a better world!

    A. Nezir Ertürk

    Founder and General Manager of Otonom Teknoloji